The Cheese Melter: An Unsung Hero in Pizza Manufacturing

If you’re like us, you love the show How It’s Made on the Discovery Channel. Now in its 30th season, the show has helped television viewers and consumers around the world to understand just how much work goes into the manufacturing process of seemingly mundane, everyday items.

One of these episodes discussed the manufacturing of frozen pizzas, a product enjoyed by millions of Americans each day. With more than 350 million tons of frozen pizzas sold each year, Americans enjoy over 2 billion slices of frozen pizza annually—with the average family eating frozen pizza 30 times per year, once every […]

  • Pollution Control Paint Industry
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    Taking Proactive Steps to Pollution Control During Consolidation in the Paint Industry

Taking Proactive Steps to Pollution Control During Consolidation in the Paint Industry

The paint industry has continued to become more and more centralized. With no more than a few hundred players globally, the power is becoming centralized at the top—and according to the Wall Street Journal, more consolidation may be on the horizon. With industry consolidation comes intense focus by regulators, investors, and members of the press, creating an environment where one slip-up could become a PR or investor nightmare. Today, we would like to explore the current state of consolidation in coatings, and discuss why it pays to be proactive in your pollution control activities.
A History of Consolidation in the […]

  • Rotary Concentrator VOC Abatement
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    Rotary Concentrator Systems: A Cost-Effective VOC Abatement Technique

Rotary Concentrator Systems: A Cost-Effective VOC Abatement Technique

There are many types of VOC abatement methods available. Read our article to find out if rotary concentrator combined with an oxidizer is ideal for your facility.

There’s no denying the negative impact that air pollution has on the environment. Contaminants such as volatile organic compounds, also called VOCs, contribute to the formation of ozone (EPA). This, in turn, produces smog and other organic aerosols that have adverse effects on our health and on the environment.

Because of this, plants and manufacturing facilities of all sorts need to implement VOC abatement technologies that help reduce their dangerous emissions. Rotary concentrator systems […]

  • Best Custom Machinery Production Company
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    7 Essential Tips to Find the Best Custom Machine Manufacturing Company

7 Essential Tips to Find the Best Custom Machine Manufacturing Company

Having custom machinery built can increase your profitability, but you have to make sure you find a reliable manufacturer that uses quality materials.

There are countless industries that require specialized parts, which also means they need custom machines to make these specific pieces. Many of these companies have to find a reliable manufacturer to create these machines. Moreover, this custom machinery also needs to be efficient and cost-effective without sacrificing quality.

Finding a reliable custom machine manufacturing company can help you create high-quality products without costing a small fortune. However, there are thousands of different manufacturers to choose from and several […]

  • catalytic oxidizers for voc abatement
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    A Beginner’s Guide to Implementing Catalytic Oxidizers for VOC Abatement

A Beginner’s Guide to Implementing Catalytic Oxidizers for VOC Abatement

Catalytic oxidizers can help destroy VOCs and other dangerous pollutants, so check out our complete guide to learn more today!

VOCs and other dangerous airborne pollutants can have adverse effects on our health (source). For this reason, factories and manufacturing facilities are required to put abatement methods in place that help destroy these pollutants before they enter our atmosphere.

There are many different VOC abatement techniques out there, but catalytic oxidizers are among the most cost-effective VOC abatement systems available today.
How Do Catalytic Oxidizers Work?
Air pollutants such as volatile organic compounds can be destroyed and broken down into heat, water, and […]

The Science of Pollution Control: Destruction Efficiency

As we continue our Science of Pollution Control series, we would today like to look at another important consideration in pollution control: destruction efficiency.
What is Destruction Efficiency?
Destruction efficiency is, in simple terms, the effectiveness to which an oxidizer (VOC Abatement System) works.

Sometimes referred to as destruction and removal efficiency (DRE), this is a percentage that represents the number of molecules of a compound removed or destroyed in an oxidizer relative to the number of molecules that entered the system. (For example, a DRE of 99.99 percent means that 9,999 molecules are destroyed for every 10,000 that enter.
Calculating Destruction Efficiency
As […]

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    Need to Purchase an Industrial Oven? Here’s What You Should Look For

Need to Purchase an Industrial Oven? Here’s What You Should Look For

Industrial ovens, also called dryers, are used for an array of different purposes. Besides being used for baking food, these pieces of complex machinery can also be utilized to dry out paint or prepare specific coatings. Regardless of the manufacturing process you will be sending through your oven, there is a set of characteristics that can help improve the overall performance and allow you to be more productive.

In this article, we will discuss the different ways you can use industrial ovens and highlight six characteristics you should always aim for when purchasing a new unit. Note that most industrial […]

The Science of Pollution Control: Energy Recovery

As we continue to go through some of the basics of VOC Abatement, discussing some of the basic math and science surrounding the process, today, we would like to turn our focus on something that your accountant might enjoy—energy recovery.

We understand that the decision to update your VOC abatement solution is often an expensive one. Even as a company that designs and provides some of the more cost-effective options in the market, we understand that making a change can still leave a dent on the balance sheet (albeit smaller than a CAA violation or the cost of a lawsuit). […]

  • VOC Abatement for Food Manufacturers
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    Choosing the Best VOC Abatement System for Food Manufacturers

Choosing the Best VOC Abatement System for Food Manufacturers

Since the 1970s, food manufacturing facilities are responsible for controlling their dangerous gas emissions. Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are some of the most common pollutants food factories and bakeries generate, and can severely hinder the environment if released into the atmosphere untreated.

There are now various VOC abatement systems and technologies available that are suitable for different factories, including food manufacturing and packing facilities. In this article, we will provide you with a few tips on how to find the ideal VOC abatement system for your factory.
Do All Food Manufacturers Need VOC Abatement?
As a rule of thumb, only factories that […]

Science of Pollution Control: Understanding Flammability

No matter the industry, manufacturing is a combination of sciences (and scientists) working together to convert raw materials to products. Everything is measured and controlled, and if something deviates from the norm, the inputs are modified to achieve maximum efficiency, minimal variability, and optimal cost.

Pollution control is also a science. However, if you ignore the science of pollution control, you’re likely to need the help of lawyers and public relations professionals to protect your company from the onslaught of fines, lawsuits, and bad press that could hit your company if you violate regulations or break the law.

Following our recent […]