Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer Manufacturer Replaces Aging Catalytic Oxidizer in Just 3 Days

To minimize production disruptions, The CMM Group removed the old Catalytic unit and installed the new RTO, restoring production in less than 72 hours
High Volume Production Leaves Little Room for Downtime
For nearly 50 years, a leading heatset and flexographic printer has overcome marketing challenges and met objectives for magazine publications, card pack distributors, packing companies and advertising agencies.

Established in the early 1960’s, the Illinois based company achieved industry recognition as a full service supplier of innovative solutions for mailing, packaging, print and fulfillment needs.
Energy Efficient Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer System Replaces Aging Catalytic Unit
The company’s existing VOC control system was […]

Upgrade Air-Pollution Controls to Optimize ROI

Learn about how The CMM Group can help you upgrade existing air-pollution control systems with modern technologies that include heat and energy recovery options in the February 2014 issue of Process Heating Magazine.

Energy Recovery Systems Designed To Significantly Reduce Natural Gas Costs

Energy recovery systems from The CMM Group, LLC are designed to utilize the heat energy that would normally be exhausted to the atmosphere by an oven, dryer or air pollution control system. By capturing and reusing this heat energy in other areas of their operation, companies can significantly reduce their natural gas usage and monthly energy bills.

Typically, an air-to-air heat exchanger is used to capture the heat energy from the exhaust stack. It can be designed for minimal pressure drop so as not to affect the operation of the air pollution control system and can return heated fresh air […]

Custom Ovens And Dryers From The CMM Group Available With Single Or Multi-Zone Designs

To meet a diverse range of drying requirements in a variety of industries, The CMM Group provides custom designed Conveyorized Curing and Baking Ovens, Flotation and Roll Support Web Dryers and Vertical Tower Dryers. Offered with a range of proven air-supply configurations, CMM Ovens and Dryers are available in single or multi-zones with a variety of product support and/or carrier options.

Depending upon individual requirements, CMM can recommend the appropriate technology for many different drying applications including thin to thick substrates, fast or slow speeds, narrow or wide webs and high or low temperatures. To accommodate future production volume increases, […]

Air Pollutant Destruction Efficiencies Exceed Government Standards

Available with airflow capacities from 3,000 to 200,000 scfm+, Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers (RTOs) from The CMM Group provide air pollutant destruction efficiencies exceeding all local, state and federal clean air regulations.

By utilizing ceramic media packed into vertical canisters as a high-efficiency heat exchanger, CMM RTOs can destroy 99%+ of the air pollutants emitted from process exhaust streams by converting them to carbon dioxide, water and heat. To maximize the heat exchange, switching valves alternate the airflow path between canisters to continuously regenerate the heat stored within the ceramic media, providing thermal energy efficiencies up to 97%.

The basic design concept […]