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  • Review the Industrial Emission Control Systems Market Report
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    A Review of the Industrial Emission Control Systems Market Report and What It Means for the Industry

A Review of the Industrial Emission Control Systems Market Report and What It Means for the Industry

The Industrial Emission Control Systems Market Report, issued by Allied Market Research, predicts the sector will amass $21,133 million by 2022. The report offers a detailed review of current behaviors and future trends within the sector, highlighting investment opportunities, market dynamics, and technological innovations. But what are the key factors driving the Global Industrial Emission Control Systems market, and what do these projections mean for the industry moving forward?

does the report cover?

report reviews swathes of historical and current data from all corners of the
industry. Research into the production, consumption, revenue, market share, and
growth rate in North America, Europe,
Asia-Pacific, and […]

  • Air Pollution Fiberglass Manufacturing
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    Air Pollution Control Challenges for Fiberglass Manufacturing

Air Pollution Control Challenges for Fiberglass Manufacturing

Fiberglass is an incredible product. With high tensile
strength and stability, low weight, and resistance to heat, chemicals, and
fire, few products deliver the versatility that fiberglass does.

From RV and trailer manufacturers who turn to fiberglass for
easy maintenance and lightweight body, homeowners who want fire-resistant
building products, or someone who needs a stronger, corrosion-resistant storage
tank, fiberglass is relied on by millions of people, companies, and more.

Lighter and More Durable, Your Customers Get the Benefit—But You Have to
Tackle the Pollutants

But… There’s a downside. No matter how beneficial your
products are, you still generate a whole lot of air pollution. Even if your
lightweight products […]

  • Print Industry Growth
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    Big Growth for the Print Industry—If You Know Where to Look

Big Growth for the Print Industry—If You Know Where to Look

It’s an interesting age for the print business. Despite a
paperless push, a decline in print media, and a decline in traditional retail
that has forced changes in the way you operate, print continues to grow, and
those who shift with the times are in a unique position to succeed.

Whether it’s the USPS study that found that Millennials and
Gen Z love direct mail, the expectation that brands provide an ecommerce
‘experience’, or the rise of customization services and small-batch needs, this
booming economy has created demand for a variety of print services.

A Market Up for Grabs—in a Variety of Ways

According to Printing […]

Reducing Emissions at Your Engine Test Facility

Engine testing and certification is an important part of any
R&D process. Naturally, this process exists to ensure reliability and that the
engines themselves are compliant with EPA standards, but that means you’re
holding and operating multiple HAP and VOC producing items in one place. Often
existing in or near main population centers, stakes are high, and regulations
are strict.

Today, we look at the role that engine test facilities play
in the automotive industry, discuss some of the challenges that companies face
in reducing emissions, and explore how to reduce air pollution at facilities.

The Importance of Engine Test Facilities

Engine testing is a vital process […]

  • Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Air Pollution Challenges
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    Air Pollution Control Challenges for Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Air Pollution Control Challenges for Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Whether it saves lives or simply improves the quality of
life for a patient, pharmaceutical product manufacturers know that perfection
is the only option. After all, the product you’re making likely took more than
a decade of testing and trials to even get where it is today. Now that it’s
entered the manufacturing and production phase, there’s zero room for error.

Pollution Control Challenges for the Pharmaceutical Industry

With no room for error, you often think FDA first, EPA
second, OSHA third. However, with the explosive nature that exists in the
pharmaceutical manufacturing environment, failure to control the EPA side of
things can quickly turn into failure […]

Petition to Revise EPA Emission Standards

A group of 364 environmental organizations has petitioned the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to revise current emission standards. The proposed revisions target petro-plastic production and are centered on sections 111 and 112 of the Clean Air Act (CAA).

If passed, these revisions could seriously affect pollution control practices amongst plastic manufacturers. The EPA is currently reviewing the petition. If the agency decides to take action, these updates will become law.
What Are Sections 111 and 112 of the Clean Air Act?
The Clean Air Act was established in 1970 to regulate emissions of mobile and stationary sources. Sections 112 and 111 refer […]

  • Geotechnical Services Emission Control Compliance
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    Why Geotechnical Services Are Essential for Emission Control Compliance

Why Geotechnical Services Are Essential for Emission Control Compliance

Pollution control equipment can significantly reduce the amount of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) released through manufacturing processes. Facilities using toxic solvents or generating high levels of VOCs must install abatement technology to meet standards set by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). These units destroy harmful compounds, reducing a facility’s overall emissions and allowing manufacturers to reach production goals.

However, in order for this system to work productively, the equipment must be carefully installed and maintained. Geotechnical reports are an important part of any facility’s long-term emission control strategy. Soil quality under and around pollution control equipment can impact the design, […]

  • Future Food Beverage Industry
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    The Future of the Food and Beverage Industry: A New Decade is Dawning

The Future of the Food and Beverage Industry: A New Decade is Dawning

Can you believe Y2K and the fears surrounding it happened two full decades ago? The world has changed, the consumer has changed, and the sales process has changed—could you imagine today’s landscape back then? The market moves faster. The consumer has more options and more say. As we enter the third decade of this century, you are expected to be more flexible and in tune with customer expectations.
Brace for Growth: $2.2 Trillion More in Grocery Sales by 2024
One of the best things about the food and beverage industry? It’s built to grow. An expanding population, a growing middle class, […]

The CMM Group: Our Hottest Posts and Guides of 2019

As a leader in pollution control and thermal processing equipment, The CMM Group knows a thing or two about what’s hot in the manufacturing world. It’s been a busy year, but as we close out another year (and decade) as a leading provider of pollution control equipment, ovens, dryers, and food manufacturing systems, we would like to take a second to look back, thank our clients, and offer a few insights you may have missed.

Today, we would like to share some of our top resources, namely our most popular articles this year and the ones on the way up. […]

Evolving Tastes Fueling a Premium Push in Baking Operations

The premium push is hitting grocery stores—and it’s changing the way bakery operations work. Organic foods continue to see demand, artisan products are evolving and finding their way into shopping carts, and ingredients are changing. With this push comes a challenge. How can you justify price points, deliver consistency, innovate, and increase shelf life while making changes to adapt?
Artisan and ‘Artisan-Like’ Breads Finding Their Way into Consumer Shopping Carts
One of the biggest trends entering the baking space? Artisan bread. Discussed at the International Baking Industry Exposition (IBIE) and in a recent Baking Business article, customers are pushing demand for […]