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The Science of Pollution Control: Energy Recovery

As we continue to go through some of the basics of VOC Abatement, discussing some of the basic math and science surrounding the process, today, we would like to turn our focus on something that your accountant might enjoy—energy recovery.

We understand that the decision to update your VOC abatement solution is often an expensive one. Even as a company that designs and provides some of the more cost-effective options in the market, we understand that making a change can still leave a dent on the balance sheet (albeit smaller than a CAA violation or the cost of a lawsuit). […]

  • Reducing Costs With Energy Recovery Systems
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    Reducing Costs and Increasing Efficiency Through Energy Recovery Systems

Reducing Costs and Increasing Efficiency Through Energy Recovery Systems

Manufacturing facilities and plants are always looking for ways to increase efficiency and reduce production costs. Additionally, in recent decades, we have also seen a huge movement toward promoting sustainability and reducing the amount of energy needed to operate these facilities. This has led to the development of energy recovery systems that help plants and factories of all types become more efficient and reduce operating costs.

Energy recovery, also known as energy or heat exchange, is an effective way to reduce operating costs because it uses energy from a source you already have available. In a nutshell, these recovery devices […]