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Rising Consumer Expectations Mandate Better Frozen Foods

Meal kits were expected to change the game for consumers. The concept was great—pre-portion high quality ingredients in a box and deliver the box to a customer’s front door. The execution, however, has turned out to be less than stellar—over 150 companies exist in the US that specialize in meal delivery, few of whom turn a profit.
Frozen Foods Shine in the Downfall of Meal Kits
High levels of competition, elevated cost of acquisition and logistical challenges have made it very hard for these firms to succeed. Pair this with the high levels of churn and the advent of grocers entering […]

Four Ways The CMM Group Helps Food Manufacturers

Food manufacturing is an art and a science. Everyone needs to eat, and you ensure it happens. However, food manufacturers are as unique as the products they provide, and with these unique needs come challenges specific to each facility. At The CMM Group, we work with firms like yours every day to design, manufacture, and install a wide range of machinery for firms like yours, including but not limited to the following:
Pollution and Odor Control
For food manufacturers, pollution control is a challenging concept. While many people may think that the smell of freshly baked bread is one of the […]

The CMM Group Releases Guide to Infrared Cheese Melters

Frozen meals and pizzas are a staple in the grocery store, and the market has evolved. From their earliest iterations—oven-heated ‘TV Dinners’ developed and introduced in 1953—to the variety of products available today, the frozen food market has continued to grow.

Whether in economic booms or busts, consumers turn to frozen products as both a cure to their hectic lifestyles and an affordable alternative to going out. In fact, the frozen foods market has experienced a resurgence in recent years, growing 2.6% to $57 billion annually in 2018, according to the American Frozen Food Institute (AFFI) and Food Marketing Institute […]

  • Industrial Cheese Melter
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    Industrial Cheese Melter: Connecting Customer Expectations and Reality

Industrial Cheese Melter: Connecting Customer Expectations and Reality

If you’re a user of the social networking platform Reddit, it’s likely you’ve heard of the community called “Expectation vs. Reality.” For those not familiar, this community, or ‘sub’ as it’s called on the platform, is a place where users post “comparison pictures” including failed cake designs, fast food failures, and other events in which a user expected something advertised to them, only to find the item provided was… different.

So why are we—a company who specializes in pollution control, industrial ovens, and other process heating applications—talking about a social media platform?
Pizza Problems: A Common Talking Point and a Major […]

  • 5 Reasons New Industrial Oven
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    Five Reasons it May be Time to Start Looking at a New Industrial Oven

Five Reasons it May be Time to Start Looking at a New Industrial Oven

Industrial ovens and dryers are among the most reliable pieces of equipment at a manufacturing facility. Often giving an organization a decade or more of reliable service, these pieces of equipment often live longer than employees stay at your company, so if you’re a production supervisor or manager, you may have to dig through the books to find when your current equipment was bought.

That said, even the most reliable pieces of equipment have a limited shelf life, and if you begin to see any of the following signs, it may be time to start looking at your options.
Inefficient to […]

6 Benefits Of Purchasing a Custom Industrial Cheese Melter

Just like cheeses, industrial machinery can come in all shapes and sizes. Cheese melters are pieces of equipment dedicated to one thing: pre-melting dairy products and other ingredients on packaged goods.

While they may seem simple enough, choosing the best cheese melter is not always easy. In most cases, ordering a custom melter is the only way to guarantee that you’ll receive the perfect machine.

In this article, we’ll discuss the benefits of choosing tailored cheese melters and what you need to keep in mind before ordering one for your operation.
The importance of cheese melters
Cheese melters allow frozen pizza manufacturers to […]

3 Pollution Control Challenges for Baking Operations

Even though the United States has been leading the way in pollution control and emissions have continued to drop since the passage of the Clean Air Act, various industries such as the manufacturing of food products still results in the release of volatile organic compounds, odors, and other pollutants.

In many industries, and even in certain food manufacturing processes, facilities have numerous options to reduce their emissions that could include anything from a change in materials to a change in product.

On the other hand, pollution control at a baking operation is different than many other manufacturing processes:

Nearly Impossible to […]

  • Comparing Conveyor Ovens and Batch Ovens
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    5 Things to Consider When Comparing Conveyor Ovens and Batch Ovens

5 Things to Consider When Comparing Conveyor Ovens and Batch Ovens

The time has come—it’s time to replace an old oven or purchase a new one. However, what do you need to look for? What will you decide on? Should you batch your efforts or use a conveyor oven to get the job done?

In anticipation for our upcoming guide on the steps you need to take when purchasing and installing an oven, we would today like to discuss with you some of the top considerations on which one works best for you. The CMM Group has been in the process heat business for nearly two decades and has built custom […]

The Many Applications for Industrial Ovens and Dryers

No matter the industry, if you’re a manufacturer, you likely have process heating needs. Ovens, dryers, cheese melters, and more, even if the physical approach is the same (remove moisture or cause a chemical reaction by applying heat), there are many differences in this process.
Common Applications for Industrial Ovens
Just as there are differences between chemical coatings and ciabatta, there are important differences between curing ovens, baking ovens, and the like—all with different temperatures, heating and cooling cycles, and atmospheres. Today, we would like to explore some of the most common applications in which an industrial oven is used, and […]

  • Food Manufacturing VOC Abatement
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    Why Food Manufacturers Need to Focus on VOC Abatement in 2018

Why Food Manufacturers Need to Focus on VOC Abatement in 2018

In food manufacturing and baking, consistency is key. Retailers and consumers have come to expect a specific product, and any deviation from perfect can result in complaints and lost business. Knowing this, creating a perfect, repeatable product is only one thing on which food manufacturers need to focus. An equal focus needs to be put on reducing emissions and staying within the confines of the regulatory environment and the expectations of the surrounding community.

These focuses need to be considered in relation to one another—the manufacturing process needs to go smoothly without breaking the law, the emission and odor control […]