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Building a Sustainable Manufacturing Operation

In today’s litigious and media-driven landscape, in which a disparaging article can cause boycotts and potentially destroy businesses, companies in all industries need to stay ahead of the curve. It’s no longer about global warming, it’s about climate change. Paired with this, it’s no longer enough to do just enough to remain compliant, you need to show that you are a leader in your field.

Over the years, we have looked to highlight the risks of noncompliance, discuss the increased media focus on an ever-consolidating paint industry, explore the questionable-yet-creative ways activists and attorneys are attacking compliant businesses, and offer […]

How to Optimize the Performance of Your Rotary Concentrator

Manufacturing plants that generate a low to moderate amount of pollutants can reduce operating costs by using a rotary concentrator for VOC and air pollutant abatement.
How a Rotary Concentrator Works
A rotary concentrator efficiently removes and destroys volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and air pollutants with a two-step process.

A ductwork collection system in a rotary concentrator captures exhaust air, which is then passed through a high-efficiency filter to remove particulates.

Next, the airstream is directed through the rotating concentrator wheel, where pollutants are adsorbed by the hydrophobic Zeolite media, which is permanently bonded to a corrugated mineral fiber substrate inside the rotor.

The […]

The CMM Group Releases Guide to Infrared Cheese Melters

Frozen meals and pizzas are a staple in the grocery store, and the market has evolved. From their earliest iterations—oven-heated ‘TV Dinners’ developed and introduced in 1953—to the variety of products available today, the frozen food market has continued to grow.

Whether in economic booms or busts, consumers turn to frozen products as both a cure to their hectic lifestyles and an affordable alternative to going out. In fact, the frozen foods market has experienced a resurgence in recent years, growing 2.6% to $57 billion annually in 2018, according to the American Frozen Food Institute (AFFI) and Food Marketing Institute […]

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    How Infrared Ovens and Process Heating Solutions Deliver for Manufacturers

How Infrared Ovens and Process Heating Solutions Deliver for Manufacturers

Process heating is a science, and the application of heat is a necessary part of the manufacturing world. From drying paint to cooking food, ovens, dryers, and other custom machinery are a necessity for manufacturers. Knowing this, during the decision and selection process, you will need to make a few decisions on the way you need your product to work—one of the most important of these being heat source. Today, we would like to explore the rise of infrared heating technology and discuss how it can benefit a wide range of manufacturers.
Infrared Heat for Industrial Applications
Infrared is a form […]

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    How to Select the Right VOC Abatement Equipment To Reduce Operating Cost

How to Select the Right VOC Abatement Equipment To Reduce Operating Cost

For many manufacturing plants, adhering to strict environmental regulations means having to allocate a large portion of the operating expenses on VOC abatement technologies.

Therefore, choosing the right equipment to optimize efficiency is the key to reducing operating cost and improving your bottom line.
Key Considerations When Selecting Your VOC Abatement Equipment
You can improve operational efficiency and reduce cost by choosing the appropriate VOC abatement system. Here are some key considerations:

List out the types and extent of the air pollutants your plant emits to help determine the most effective abatement equipment for the purpose. You should ensure that the system […]

The Importance of Manufacturing Equipment Maintenance

Unexpected equipment failure in a manufacturing plant can interrupt the production schedule and lead to costly downtime that can impact your bottom line significantly.

Regular equipment maintenance is the key to preventing catastrophic equipment failure. It can pay off in the long run in the form of increased operational efficiency and reduce cost:
The Importance Of Proper Manufacturing Equipment Service
Proper manufacturing equipment service is well worth the investment. Here are some of the long-term benefits of preventive equipment maintenance:

Extend equipment lifespan and reduce the need for having to purchase new equipment.
Prevent unplanned downtime which can be costly and interrupt […]