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    Big Growth for the Print Industry—If You Know Where to Look

Big Growth for the Print Industry—If You Know Where to Look

It’s an interesting age for the print business. Despite a
paperless push, a decline in print media, and a decline in traditional retail
that has forced changes in the way you operate, print continues to grow, and
those who shift with the times are in a unique position to succeed.

Whether it’s the USPS study that found that Millennials and
Gen Z love direct mail, the expectation that brands provide an ecommerce
‘experience’, or the rise of customization services and small-batch needs, this
booming economy has created demand for a variety of print services.

A Market Up for Grabs—in a Variety of Ways

According to Printing […]

What Drives the Demand for Flexible Packaging?

From coffee to cosmetics, medication to meals, detergent to dry goods, flexible packaging is on the rise globally. With over 61% growth from 2000 through 2017 in the US alone, consumers are asking for it and manufacturers are using pouches, blister packs, foil, and more to store, ship, and sell products, according to Packaging World.
Where is the Demand for Flexible Packaging on the Rise?
In their most recent Flexible Packaging Assessment report, Packaging World and PMMI Business Intelligence found a variety of reasons this market continues to grow:

USA (Est. Market Size by 2023: $44 Billion, CAGR: 3.9%): An early […]

The Continued Rise of Flexo: Driving Factors and Challenges

Despite humble beginnings, flexographic printing has become a huge part of the printing and packaging world, providing a versatile, repeatable, and extremely efficient way to transfer ink to a wide range of surfaces.

Today, with a market size of over $10 billion for flexographic ink, analysts expect this process to see continued growth in coming years—a 4.5% compound annual growth rate between now and 2024. However, with stringent requirements from a wide variety of regulators, those using the flexo printing process will need to strive for compliance.
A Brief History of Flexographic Printing
Initially patented by a firm called Bibby, Baron and […]

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    Key VOC Abatement System Considerations for Flexographic Printing Operations

Key VOC Abatement System Considerations for Flexographic Printing Operations

Flexographic printing has become one of the most popular forms of printing over the past few decades for a variety of reasons. Immensely versatile, flexographic printers can handle a diverse array of substrates, color runs, solvent configurations to satisfy printing needs.
Top Challenges for Flexographic Printing Operations
From the many different solvent configurations needed to satisfy a unique printing need to the chemicals used in cleaning machines, volatile organic compounds are present in every step in the flexographic printing process.

Volatile Organic Compounds, or VOCs, are often considered a “necessary evil” of the entire printing industry, as printing doesn’t happen without solvents, […]

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    Choosing the Best VOC Abatement Technique for Your Flexographic Printing Operation

Choosing the Best VOC Abatement Technique for Your Flexographic Printing Operation

Despite the fact that the process is extremely dynamic, flexographic printing facilities also face an array of challenges. Maintaining high levels of efficiency on all fronts is critical. However, you need to abide by certain regulations to avoid getting penalized and to reduce its negative effects on the environment.

In this article, we’ll discuss the basics of how flexographic printing works, the impact it has on the environment, and the best VOC abatement technologies for these facilities.
What Is Flexographic Printing?
As the name suggests, flexographic printing is a versatile process that is ideal for large-scale operations. In a nutshell, flexography uses […]

VOC Abatement in Package Printing

For an industry like package printing, it’s easy to see yourself as the most important part of the value chain. Whether it’s printing labels, printing of flexible packaging, or printing on the package itself, your industry’s work comes into contact with every single consumer—every single day.

However, the operations of any printing operation—Gravure, flexographic, offset, or digital, among others—produces a great deal of volatile organic compounds. It’s often considered a “necessary evil” of doing business, as printing doesn’t happen without solvents, and the use of solvents creates VOCs.
Five VOC-Laden Processes in Package Printing
In a recently released report, the Task Force […]