Food Processing Equipment Manufacturers, such as The CMM Group, provide custom production equipment to meet a variety of needs.

One of America’s largest frozen pizza manufacturers contracted The CMM Group to engineer an infrared pre-melter, (commonly known as an IR cheese pre-melter). The custom designed production machine equipment replaced the company’s existing convection oven pre-melters.

The IR cheese pre-melter oven fused cheese and pizza toppings together by emitting a flash of heat to the top of a frozen pizza in order to reduce topping movement during packaging and distribution of the product. The industrial oven provided the manufacturer with the freedom and flexibility to select multiple recipe options through adjustable line speeds and temperatures. CMM designed the unit to fit precisely within the footprint of their previous system.

In addition to the pre-melter oven, The CMM Group also designed and integrated a removable conveyor to work in conjunction with the manufacturer’s full line spiral freezer and aid in the sanitation and cleaning process.

New Guide from The CMM Group: Steps to Selecting an Industrial Oven

Whether you’ve done it before or this is your first purchase of major machinery at your facility, having a plan in place and understanding the processes can help you find an oven or dryer that can benefit your company for years or decades to come with minimal downtime.

At The CMM Group, we’re here to help and are proud to announce a new guide on the oven and dryer selection and implementation process, detailing every step from recognizing your needs to the consultation process to installing and operating your new industrial oven or dryer.

We invite you to download the entire Five Steps to Selecting an Industrial Oven or Dryer for Your Manufacturing Facility guide here or preview it via SlideShare below:

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