To meet a diverse range of drying requirements in a variety of industries, The CMM Group provides custom designed Conveyorized Curing and Baking Ovens, Flotation and Roll Support Web Dryers and Vertical Tower Dryers. Offered with a range of proven air-supply configurations, CMM Ovens and Dryers are available in single or multi-zones with a variety of product support and/or carrier options.

Depending upon individual requirements, CMM can recommend the appropriate technology for many different drying applications including thin to thick substrates, fast or slow speeds, narrow or wide webs and high or low temperatures. To accommodate future production volume increases, CMM Ovens and Dryers can be designed and manufactured in a modular style.

Engineered, manufactured and installed to provide peak operating efficiencies, CMM Ovens and Dryers offer superior drying uniformity, consistent production rates and the highest product quality. Depending upon production needs, the units can be configured for horizontal, vertical or arched product flow and can be incorporated into new production lines or retrofit to existing equipment. To meet specific needs, a wide variety of options are also available including easy access oven doors, conveyors, PLC controls, sensors, etc.

Backed by an experienced staff with many years of air pollution control experience in many different industries, The CMM Group provides turnkey design, fabrication, installation and project management services for custom ovens and dryers, thermal and catalytic oxidizers, rotary concentrators, energy recovery systems, dust collectors, permanent total enclosures, production machinery and ancillary systems. For further information, email:

New Guide from The CMM Group: Steps to Selecting an Industrial Oven

Whether you’ve done it before or this is your first purchase of major machinery at your facility, having a plan in place and understanding the processes can help you find an oven or dryer that can benefit your company for years or decades to come with minimal downtime.

At The CMM Group, we’re here to help and are proud to announce a new guide on the oven and dryer selection and implementation process, detailing every step from recognizing your needs to the consultation process to installing and operating your new industrial oven or dryer.

We invite you to download the entire Five Steps to Selecting an Industrial Oven or Dryer for Your Manufacturing Facility guide here or preview it via SlideShare below:

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