Energy recovery systems from The CMM Group, LLC are designed to utilize the heat energy that would normally be exhausted to the atmosphere by an oven, dryer or air pollution control system. By capturing and reusing this heat energy in other areas of their operation, companies can significantly reduce their natural gas usage and monthly energy bills.

Typically, an air-to-air heat exchanger is used to capture the heat energy from the exhaust stack. It can be designed for minimal pressure drop so as not to affect the operation of the air pollution control system and can return heated fresh air that can be used for building comfort heating, process make-up air (ovens/dryers, kilns, curing zones, etc.) or in some cases, it can completely replace a burner in the process air stream.

Using the same idea of capturing heat from the exhaust stream, a hot water or thermal oil heat transfer coil can be installed in the exhaust stack. Hot water can again be used for building comfort heating or can be returned to the process for use (air preheat, condensation control, etc.) The coil could also be used as a preheat section to preheat cool water for a steam generator. Another option is to install an adsorption chiller in the exhaust stream. Many plants use chilled water for various reasons (air conditioning, chill rolls, condensers, etc.)

Backed by an experienced staff with many years of air pollution control experience in many different industries, The CMM Group provides turnkey design, fabrication, installation and project management services for energy recovery systems, custom ovens and dryers, thermal and catalytic oxidizers, rotary concentrators, dust collectors, permanent total enclosures, production machinery and ancillary systems. For further information, email:

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