If you’re a user of the social networking platform Reddit, it’s likely you’ve heard of the community called “Expectation vs. Reality.” For those not familiar, this community, or ‘sub’ as it’s called on the platform, is a place where users post “comparison pictures” including failed cake designs, fast food failures, and other events in which a user expected something advertised to them, only to find the item provided was… different.

So why are we—a company who specializes in pollution control, industrial ovens, and other process heating applications—talking about a social media platform?

Pizza Problems: A Common Talking Point and a Major Problem for Food Manufacturers

Expectation vs. Reality features a wide range of posts, but one of the most popular topics that exists in this community? Frozen pizza.

With thousands of submissions, users are quick to post their complaints about their frozen pizza’s failure to meet expectations or ability to exceed them, displaying not only the pizza itself but the packaging right next to it.

For manufacturers of frozen pizzas, this can be either be amazing testament or a cautionary tale. For example, when things go right, people are ecstatic to share how pleasantly surprised they were by a pizza matching the product image on the box.

However, when things go wrong, your product is front and center, putting your brand on display with a complaint about how you “failed” in the eyes of the consumer.

The Cheese Melter: Making Sure Expectations Meet Reality

Pizza making is an art, pizza manufacturing is an art and a science. Each pizza needs to meet quality standards in weight, size, shape, and topping distribution before it reaches the consumer, and any deviation from perfect can result in complaints.

Whether these complaints are to the customer service line or on a social media platform such as Reddit, every time you fail to meet the expectations you set for customers, you run the risk of driving away current or potential customers.

One way to make sure toppings stay in place from facility to store to customer is to leverage an infrared cheese melter, a product that slightly melts cheese and toppings together so that everything stays in place and ends up exactly how a customer expects it to look.

The CMM Group has completed projects for global, national, regional, and local manufacturers and can provide solutions for multiple points of the food manufacturing process. We offer complete baking, production, and pollution control solutions to food manufacturers of all sizes, and can also design custom products to fit into your current processes, regardless of the original equipment manufacturer (OEM).

The CMM Guide to Industrial Cheese Melters

If you are looking to learn more about the path to purchase for this important piece of equipment, we are pleased to announce a new guide on the benefits, use cases, and path to purchase for cheese melters. Preview this guide below and click here to download the entire guide to selecting, installing, and using a cheese melter.

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