Whether considering new equipment, rebuilding or retrofitting, The CMM Group can provide complete Manufacturing and/or Fabrication services.

CMM professional engineers will start with an assessment of your Manufacturing and/or Fabrication requirements, and will recommend and implement Manufacturing/Fabrication Services based on your unique situation and objectives.

Ask about Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers Manufacturing/Fabrication Services, Thermal Oxidizers Manufacturing/Fabrication Services, Catalytic Oxidizers Manufacturing/Fabrication Services, Rotary Concentrators Manufacturing/Fabrication Services, Oven and Dryer Manufacturing/Fabrication Services, Energy Recovery System Manufacturing/Fabrication Services, and Production Machinery Manufacturing/Fabrication Services.

A partial list of Manufacturing/Fabrication Services includes the following:

  • Custom High Quality Fabrications
  • Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)
  • QC Inspections & Documentation
  • Shipping & Crating Service
  • Modern Facility and Equipment



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