To minimize production disruptions, The CMM Group removed the old Catalytic unit and installed the new RTO, restoring production in less than 72 hours

High Volume Production Leaves Little Room for Downtime

For nearly 50 years, a leading heatset and flexographic printer has overcome marketing challenges and met objectives for magazine publications, card pack distributors, packing companies and advertising agencies.

Established in the early 1960’s, the Illinois based company achieved industry recognition as a full service supplier of innovative solutions for mailing, packaging, print and fulfillment needs.

Energy Efficient Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer System Replaces Aging Catalytic Unit

Regenerative thermal oxidizerThe company’s existing VOC control system was a 10,000 scfm catalytic oxidizer installed in the early 1990’s. The system controlled magie oil VOC emissions from graphic arts dryers connected to the heatset presses.

Performance and compliance issues with the declining Catalytic unit prompted the decision to seek out a new VOC control system. EPA compliance, increased emissions and future press additions were also deciding factors prompting the company to evaluate various emission control solutions with a focus on reducing the rising energy costs associated with operating a VOC emission control system.

After reviewing bids from several vendors, the company ultimately decided on a Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer from The CMM Group with energy saving features and high thermal efficiencies. Designed to reduce the company’s natural gas consumption, the Oxidizer produced a VOC destruction efficiency of 99%.

The Challenge

The 10,000 Catalytic unit was to be replaced with the turnkey installation of a 15,000 scfm Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer that provided sufficient room for future press expansion.

The Installation: Critical Planning & Minimizing Downtime

Catalytic OxidizerWhile costs were important, so was the issue of limited time available for the install. The company’s Corporate R&D/ Maintenance Manager stated, “As one might expect, cost was an important issue on this project – from the actual cost of the new RTO system to the savings we hoped to gain from the reduction of monthly natural gas use”.

He added, “Another issue of critical importance was preventing lengthy disruptions in production. The CMM Group’s bid was very competitive, but when they said they could dismantle the existing Catalytic unit, install the new Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer and get us up and running within a 72 hour plant shutdown period, we hired them for the project.”

Dismantling and Final Installation in Just One Day

The installation date moved up two weeks when the existing Catalytic Oxidizer began to fail. When installation day arrived, The CMM crew quickly got to work and over the next two days, they cleared the concrete pad and dismantled the existing Catalytic Oxidizer, transporting it to a local salvage yard.

A crane unloaded the new RTO before installing and securing it on the pad next to the commercial printing facility. At this point, the crew installed necessary components and made tie-ins to the compressed and gas air piping. The project was so seamless, that in just a day and a half, the final installation was completed and start-up procedures had begun.

RTO Installation Ahead of Schedule

RTO Regenerative Oxidizer - CMM GroupAfter running tests and equipment checks, the CMM crew cleared the new RTO for operation nearly half a day ahead of schedule. With the new Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer in place, on day four, the company’s offset production started up again as planned, functioning as designed.

“With the level of volume we have here, production is always of critical importance to us,” said the company’s Corporate R&D/Maintenance manager.

“The CMM Group not only installed the new unit two weeks ahead of schedule, they took down the old Catalytic Oxidizer and installed the new Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer within their specified 72 hour window. This allowed us to resume production as planned without any service disruption to our customers.”

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