DE PERE, Wis.—April 24, 2018—The CMM Group, a Wisconsin-based provider of air pollution control equipment, industrial ovens, dryers, and ancillary systems for manufacturers around the world has today announced a free guide for manufacturers looking to understand best practices in selecting, purchasing, installing, and operating an industrial oven or dryer.

Five Steps to Selecting an Industrial Oven or Dryer is a free guide that will walk a manufacturer through the five steps that go into an industrial oven or dryer purchase, providing best practices throughout the process. This guide highlights the following five steps, including tips, tricks, and advice to gain confidence through the decision, consultation, and installation phase.

In this guide, decision makers will learn when it’s time to consider a new oven or dryer, the most important steps to documenting needs, the steps in the consultation and installation processes, and advice on safely and efficiently operating an oven or dryer throughout its useful life.

An industrial oven or dryer is a key piece of machinery for many manufacturers. As these pieces of equipment are known for their long useful lives, its rare that an organization needs to purchase one, and this makes the decision and installation process quite complex,” said Chuck Martinson, President at The CMM Group. “Whether this is your first purchase or you need to know whats changed in the last few decades, this guide will help you understand what goes into purchasing an oven or dryer in 2018.”

Those interested in downloading this free guide can download it here.