Project Description

Rotary-Concentrator-SystemsTo sufficiently capture both VOCs and dust particulates to meet national chemical and coating standards, The CMM Group designed an emission control system for the country’s largest paint manufacturer that was custom fitted to the majority of the facility’s paint making operation.

To meet capture requirements of 90%, CMM installed a dust particulate and VOC/HAP point source collection system consisting of approximately 70 custom designed dust/ambient emission collection hoods. The system also included three dust collectors and a CMM Rotary Concentrator/Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer capable of an exhaust flow rate of 50,000 scfm and an overall destruction efficiency of 90%+.

The concentrator/oxidizer was installed on an outdoor concrete pad at least 50 feet beyond any future building expansion with access to the unit and emergency access to the facility provided by a service road built by CMM.

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