Reduce Risk: Replace Your Outdated or Obsolete PLC System

The importance of keeping your programmable logic controller (PLC) updated has never been greater. Equipment downtime costs your company money. A PLC upgrade is one of the most important improvements you can make to keep your equipment maintained and running efficiently. The risk of incurring lost production time becomes higher with older PLC systems. With parts becoming obsolete, and lost time looking for replacement parts just to get you by, equipment downtime is inevitable. A failed PLC could cost you several days or even weeks of lost production time. By proactively upgrading to a new PLC system, you can minimize or eliminate the unplanned downtime caused by an unsupported or obsolete platform.

  • Prevent equipment downtime while sourcing hard-to-find components
  • Increase equipment reliability
  • Enhance operator interface functions

The CMM Group can provide a replacement PLC, new preassembled and programmed racks, HMI and control modifications, or programming. Whether your needs are for a new PLC, a new control panel, or programming (in part or in whole), our experienced controls team will work with you to provide a cost-effective upgrade.

PLC/HMI Replacement



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