Rotary Concentrator

Rotary Concentrator Thermal Oxidizer

Rotary Concentrator-VOC Abatement System

Rotary concentrator thermal oxidizers from The CMM Group are hybrid VOC abatement systems designed to efficiently remove and destroy volatile organic compound emissions from a process exhaust air stream. The polluted air passes through a rotating wheel where the air pollutants are adsorbed onto a hydrophobic Zeolite media and then removed and destroyed by use of a thermal oxidizer.

During operation, air pollutants, captured from the process via a ductwork collection system, are passed through a high-efficiency filter as particulates can damage the concentrator wheel media. Once filtered, the polluted air passes through the rotating concentrator wheel where the air pollutants are adsorbed onto the hydrophobic Zeolite media. A slipstream of this air, approximately 10%, is routed through a cooling plenum while the remainder is routed directly to the common exhaust stack.

The rotor itself is fabricated from a corrugated mineral fiber substrate to which the manufacturer permanently bonds a proprietary mixture of hydrophobic Zeolite and inorganic materials. The hydrophobic Zeolite rotor concentrator wheel is inorganic and completely inert, has rigidity, physical integrity and the ability to withstand thermal stress. In this application the Zeolite removes the air pollutant from the manufacturing process exhaust air stream as it passes through the rotor.

Rotary Concentrator – Video


Rotary Concentrator – Typical Applications

Common uses include:

  • 34,000 to 255,000+ NCMH
  • 20,000 to 150,000+ SCFM
  • Suited for air streams with very low to low levels of air pollutant

Rotary Concentrator – Advantages & Disadvantages


  • Low operating costs with very low air pollutant concentrations


  • High capital cost
  • Design limited to ~96% VOC/HAP air pollutant
    destruction efficiency
  • Limited to low inlet temperatures
  • Particulate must be filtered
  • More moving parts, more maintenance

Rotary Concentrator – Standard Features

  • High air pollutant destruction efficiencies are guaranteed
  • Lowest operating costs available with energy efficient design
  • Designed to meet your specific project requirements
  • Proven high quality components are used throughout
  • Control scheme is designed to automatically react to your
    manufacturing process
  • Modern PLC based controls with color touch-screen interface
  • Data-logger is included for recordkeeping
  • Meets or exceeds all regulations


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How Does A Rotary Concentrator Thermal Oxidizer Work?

The concentrator wheel rotates at an approximate speed of 2-8 revolutions per hour, continuously passing a sector of the wheel with adsorbed air pollutant through a desorption plenum for removal by a heated air stream; thus continuously returning a regenerated (or clean) sector back into the main housing for further adsorption.

Desorption is automated as the slipstream of air that was routed through the cooling plenum is sent through a supplemental desorption heater where it is elevated to desorption temperature of 175°C (350°F) and returned to the concentrator housing. This heated desorption air is directed back through the wheel via the desorption plenum where the concentrated pollutants are removed. The highly concentrated air stream is then routed to the thermal oxidizer. The type of thermal oxidizer is determined based on flow rate, and VOC loading from the concentrator wheel. A typical system would uses a Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer (RTO) for thermal destruction. Overall air pollutant destruction efficiencies of greater than 96% can typically be guaranteed.


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