Installazione TSK 009 PULITA_Envidest MFE 1 effect hot water evaporator

Wastewater Evaporators

The CMM Group, in partnership with Condorchem Envitech, S.L., offers custom designed, high efficiency vacuum wastewater evaporators.

Through its solid engineering and constant innovations. Condorchem designs have proven to be a durable and efficient solution for the treatment and reuse of wastewater in all types of industrial activities. The CMM Group has partnered with Condorchem for over ten years and are the licensed dealer and service provider for the United States and Canada.

Wastewater evaporators are considered the best technology to achieve a zero discharge system, where wastewater is transformed into two streams, one containing solid waste with reusable resources (mainly raw materials and by-products) and another with high quality water that can be reused.

CMM can deliver a zero discharge system that will allow your company to achieve the following objectives:

  • Reuse 98% of the water
  • Recover valuable raw materials and by-products dissolved in the water
  • Minimize the final sludge to manage


We not only supply evaporators, we can also offer a complete and customized engineering solution, designing and installing a complete wastewater treatment and resource recovery plant.

Unique Features of our Vacuum Evaporators:

  • Robust construction
  • Simple to operate
  • Take up little space, instead change to: Small footprint
  • Clean and Safe Technology:  Clean and safe technology
  • Highly automated, requiring minimal supervision


Vacuum Evaporator Working Principle

Vacuum evaporation is a simple process with high energy efficiency; that is, low consumption and virtually no maintenance. Normally for the treatment of large volumes of wastewater, evaporation is preceded by other concentration technologies such as reverse osmosis.

The basic operation is based on bringing the effluent to its boiling point, which, when working under vacuum conditions, is around 40ºC. When the effluent begins to boil in the evaporator boiler tank, the vapor formed condenses and is removed from the system while more effluent enters the boiler tank. The effluent that is fed must be previously heated so that the evaporation process continues. The technology with which the effluent is heated before being fed to the tank is what establishes the main differences between the different types of vacuum evaporators.

The treated water (distilled) that has been extracted from the liquid waste has a high quality that allows it to be recycled in the plant for various applications (production, refrigeration, etc.), reducing the consumption of drinking water.

Types of Wastewater Evaporators

Different types of industrial wastewater evaporators are used, depending on the effluent heating system.

• heat pump
• mechanical vapor compression
• multiple effect

Vacuum Evaporator Typical Applications

  • Oily emulsions, lubricating cooling fluids, release agents
  • Compressor purges, floor washing water
  • Washing water from tanks and reactors (chemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, perfume industry).
  • Work baths and washing water in galvanic processes and surface treatments
  • penetrating liquids
  • Graphic arts waste (cleaning water, ink, etc.)
  • Rejections from water treatment plants (reverse osmosis, demineralizers, etc.)
  • Leachate from municipal solid waste landfills
  • Digestate in biogas generation plants
  • Food and beverage industry
  • brines
  • Energy generation
  • Paper, mineral and extractive industry

Vacuum Evaporator Advantages

  • Minimization of the volume of waste to be managed
  • Significant reduction in waste management costs
  • Promotion of the reuse of a very important part of the liquid effluents
  • Possibility of implementing a zero discharge system
  • Compliance with current regulations on effluent discharge
  • Reduced need to store large volumes of waste
  • Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions generated in the transport of waste
  • Reduction of the consumption of mains water by reusing that produced in the treatment
  • Absence of reagents (except antifoam in some cases)

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