The CMM Group is committed to providing personalized, expert advice and competitively priced solutions for your equipment needs including custom-designed Thermal and Catalytic Oxidizers, Rotary Concentrators, Vacuum Evaporators and Crystallizers for Industrial Wastewater Treatment, Energy Recovery Systems, Conveyor and Batch Ovens and Dryers, Process Machinery, as well as rebuild, upgrade, retrofit and repair services for all brands.

Our solutions for VOC air emissions include custom-designed thermal and catalytic oxidizers. With our more than 20 years of experience in providing systems that are tailored to our customers needs, we understand that no project is standard, rather each application requires a deep understanding of the scope, process, regulations and customer expectations.

Through a partnership with Condorchem Envitech, S.L., we can offer our customers a broad range of products for industrial wastewater treatment with our vacuum evaporators and crystallizers. With this product portfolio including zero liquid discharge (ZLD) solutions, we can help our customers take a 360 degree view of their environmental impact.

Our process equipment line includes industrial conveyor and batch dryers and ovens, arched or flat roll support dryers. Our dryers and ovens process a wide range of substrates, including cheese pre-melter ovens used in the pizza manufacturing process, and more.

Most importantly, we support our customers during the life of their equipment. Our after-the-sale services help to keep our customers’ equipment running efficiently and help to extend equipment life with rebuilds, upgrades, repairs and retrofits. We pride ourselves in our fast response time to our customers’ service needs. Our Preventive Maintenance programs are focused on preventing costly downtime and advising customers how they can make improvements and upgrades. And, we offer these services for all brands of equipment.

The CMM Group is a company with dedicated, long-term employees with many years of experience in this business. In fact, if we add up all the years of experience our employees have in the business, it would total more than 200 years!

We offer our customers several distinct advantages:

  • Our low, controlled overhead allows us to offer competitive pricing.
  • We provide timely responses, personalized service and superior attention to detail.
  • Rather than pushing pre-designed “standard” equipment, we provide our customers with custom designs without a “take it or leave it” attitude.

Whether in need of a single piece of equipment or a complex production line, you can rely on CMM. With our technical knowledge, engineering capabilities and project management skills, we’ll provide turnkey solutions that minimize downtime, maximize productivity, save energy and reduce operating costs.

To accommodate a wide range of industries and process requirements, custom equipment designs from CMM include:

Ancillary Systems & Components

  • Tote Dumper
  • PTE Enclosures & Firewalls
  • Dust & Vapor Collection Hoods
  • Dust Collectors & Filter Boxes
  • Detonation Flame Arrestors
  • Control Houses, etc…

Heat Recovery Systems

  • High Efficiency Building Make-Up Air-Systems
  • Process Energy (Hot Air, Hot Water, Hot Oil)