Permanent total enclosure

What is a Permanent Total Enclosure?

Permanent Total Enclosures (PTE) are permanent structures that are engineered to prevent fugitive VOC emissions from being emitted to the atmosphere. These enclosures can be used to reduce the overall exhaust to an air pollution control device, improve air quality for machine operators, and meet operating permit requirements. When properly designed and installed, a PTE can reduce total exhaust airflow while increasing VOC concentration to an air pollution control device. The benefit from a PTE is two-fold, lower airflows result in less costly air pollution control devices and higher VOC concentrations result in lower energy consumption.

Permanent Total Enclosure Design & Installation

The CMM Group has designed and installed PTEs in various applications. The first step is to evaluate the process and determine the needs of our customers. The CMM Group will compare this information against the design requirements of a PTE. Then, we begin the process of engineering the PTE as a whole system including exhaust airflow requirements from the PTE, materials of construction, and maintenance access.

Once the PTE is fully designed and approved, The CMM Group begins manufacturing. When possible, The CMM Group strives to create modular PTE assemblies to reduce process downtime. Often there are areas of a PTE that will need to be field fitted, and our team is prepared in advance to keep installation times to a minimum. Upon completion of the PTE, the performance of the system is verified by CMM personnel.

Benefits of a Permanent Total Enclosure:

  • Capture fugitive VOC emissions from process
  • Reduce airflow exhausted to air pollution control device – Reduced Capital Equipment Cost
  • Reduce operating costs of air pollution control device – Lower Operating Cost
  • Improved air quality for machine operators
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