Just like cheeses, industrial machinery can come in all shapes and sizes. Cheese melters are pieces of equipment dedicated to one thing: pre-melting dairy products and other ingredients on packaged goods.

While they may seem simple enough, choosing the best cheese melter is not always easy. In most cases, ordering a custom melter is the only way to guarantee that you’ll receive the perfect machine.

In this article, we’ll discuss the benefits of choosing tailored cheese melters and what you need to keep in mind before ordering one for your operation.

The importance of cheese melters

Cheese melters allow frozen pizza manufacturers to fix the toppings in place. Without them, there is a strong chance the different vegetables, meats, and cheeses would shift around. This can provide an inconsistent experience, resulting in complaints and lower sales.

By employing a cheese melter, manufacturers can deliver a consistent flavor, shape, and layout on each one of their pizzas. At the same time, cheese melters are also used to produce desserts like creme brulee and other food products that require prolonged exposure to heat.

Benefits of ordering a custom industrial cheese melter

There are many benefits to purchasing a custom cheese melter. These include:

Size and shape

It’s common to see cheese melters incorporated into a conveyorized production line. Customized models allow you to fit into existing space constraints or within a new plant layout.

Additionally, you can choose a design that allows you to prepare products of different sizes and shapes without having to worry about logistics.

Temperature requirements

Different ingredients and recipes have varying requirements. With a tailored melter, you can choose the temperature range that suits your current and future needs the most.

Line speed

Depending on the size and demand, some operations may require faster turnaround times than those available in standard models. Cheese melters made to size can also provide faster line speeds or even slower turnarounds, in case you’re looking for a specific effect.

Output and volume needs

In addition to the time it takes to melt the cheese, some operations may need to prepare several dozen units at once. Depending on the size availability and volume requirements, custom manufacturers can deliver melters specifically designed to handle your volume needs.

Product specifics

The toppings you use, the thickness of your crust, and the experience you want to deliver to your customers should help you purchase the right melter. You can always consult with your manufacturer and design a unique model that delivers a product like no other!

Energy efficiency and other essentials

The EPA’s Energy Efficiency Program encourages companies in all industries to opt for sustainable models. An industrial cheese melter designed for your operation can operate optimally from the energy efficiency point of view, saving you money and contributing to the fight against pollution at the same time.

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The CMM Guide to Industrial Cheese Melters

If you are looking to learn more about the path to purchase for this important piece of equipment, we are pleased to announce a new guide on the benefits, use cases, and path to purchase for cheese melters. Preview this guide below and click here to download the entire guide to selecting, installing, and using a cheese melter.

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