Industrial dryers are expensive and energy-intensive pieces of machinery, so you have to make the right choice in order to mitigate their long-term impact on your plant. Although you may think all industrial dryers are the same, getting a custom dryer solution built for your factory can help increase productivity and decrease costs at the same time.

Custom-built industrial dryers feature a set of characteristics designed to fit your specific facilities, so you have to carefully look at your needs and requirements to design the best solution for you. From your facilities, right down to usability and overall costs, there are many aspects you need to take into consideration.

Here are 7 tips you should keep in mind when ordering a tailored industrial dryer for your plant.

Take Your Limitations Into Consideration

There are many reasons why you may be looking to add an industrial dryer or update to a more productive and efficient model. That being said, you should first take a look at any and all limitations that can influence your decision. Think about size and space limitations, capacity, and any other specific constraint that will influence your dryer’s design.

Look For a Manufacturer That Offers Post-Installation Support

Even after getting a custom dryer built and installed, you may still need assistance from the manufacturer. In order to make sure you get help whenever you need it, choose a provider that offers support and assistance even after they have installed your industrial dryer.

Safety Is Key

Keeping your team members happy and productive is extremely important, so always keep them in mind when having your custom drier built. Make sure the machines are safe to operate and they follow all accepted safety regulations, including electrical, gas, and mechanical requirements.

Keep Usability and Functionality In Mind

Not only should your dryer be safe for your employees, but these pieces of machinery should also be relatively easy to clean and operate. Despite the fact that they should only be handled by trained professionals, having an industrial-grade dryer that is easy to clean and use will save time and money while keeping your team members delighted.

Make Sure It Meets Your Power and Performance Requirements

Industrial dryers are used in a huge range of industries for different purposes, so you have to verify your design meets all your performance requirements. This includes different substrates, speeds, web sizes, and varying temperatures.

Additionally, if you are looking to expand your operations, you can always design a dryer that will support any expansion plans and growth plans you have for the future.

Look For Stellar Efficiency

Although it seems obvious, energy efficiency and turnaround time should be close to the top on your list of priorities. Your custom dryer should be designed to be efficient and fast. Consider adding supplementary equipment such as energy recovery systems whenever possible.

Verify the Manufacturer Provides Durable and Quality Products

Selecting a reliable manufacturer is a critical part of designing the best custom dryer which should last anywhere between 25 to 40 years.[1] You should conduct thorough research before hiring the right manufacturer and verify they provide reliable products that will withstand the test of time.


Having a custom-built industrial dryer can help improve your productivity and have a positive impact in many areas of your business. The tips above should help guarantee you are finding the best manufacturer and ensure you are receiving quality services and dependable products for your hefty investment.

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custom built industrial dryer

Custom Built Industrial Dryer

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