Although they have different purposes, industrial dryers and ovens operate under the same concept, which is to remove moisture through high temperatures.

Needless to say, because they require high temperature to function properly, the performance of your ovens and/or dryers will have a huge impact on your facility’s overall energy efficiency. This is where airflow management comes in.

Manufacturing facility managers are always looking for ways to improve overall efficiency. Despite the fact that they are not the only one, dryers and ovens always stand out as a huge source of inefficiencies. But, with the implementation of effective airflow management systems, you can reduce the amount of wasted energy to a minimum.

By re-circulating the hot exhaust air and using it in other areas of the manufacturing process, you can reduce the amount of energy required for drying, curing, or baking your products. In this article, we will discuss the different types of industrials ovens and dryers and highlight the benefits of implementing airflow management systems in your food processing plant.

Types of Ovens and Dryers

Before delving into the features of airflow management systems, let’s first discuss the different types of ovens and dryers available. These industrial machines come in many shapes and sizes, so the measurements of your specific oven will depend on your manufacturing facility.

Dryers and ovens are usually used interchangeably, and they can be divided into different categories. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Curing Ovens: Used to accelerate chemical reactions with high temperature, ideal for drying paint and other coatings.
  • Drying Ovens: Designed to remove moisture, ideal for pretreating and certain types of paint.
  • Baking Ovens: A combination of during and drying, can also be used for food processing.
  • Batch Ovens: Known as walk-in or cabinet ovens, these are used to bake batches that are moved using wheeled racks. Ideal for parts coating and pharmaceutical applications.
  • Conveyorized Ovens: Part of an automated assembly line, can be used for higher-volume production requirements.

What is Airflow Management?

Airflow management can be defined as the blocking, directing, and re-circulating the hot exhaust air. This hot exhaust air can be used to reduce the amount of energy needed for related parts of the manufacturing process, or even in other areas that are unrelated to your ovens and dryers.

You can implement airflow management systems to the ovens and dryers you already have in your manufacturing facility. Moreover, if you are looking to get custom built curing, baking, and drying machinery, you can have it designed for optimal airflow management and performance.

The Benefits of Implementing Airflow Management Systems

In a nutshell, the benefits of airflow management boil down to lower production costs and improved efficiency. In addition to this, implementing intelligent airflow management can have a positive impact on several different fronts, for instance, it can:

  • Allow you to organize your production process
  • Decrease the moisture in the air and products entering the oven
  • Improve turnaround
  • Enhance temperature and airflow control systems
  • Reduce amount of time ovens are empty
  • Encourage a clean facility

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Getting Customized Ovens and Dryers

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