The paint industry is in a tumultuous time. With mergers and acquisitions potentially set to change the global game, there has been a lot of focus by journalists and watchdogs on the paint industry in recent years. No matter the application, the makeup, or the production process, paint is a part of everyone’s life, no matter how little the average consumer thinks about it.

From pollution control to drying ovens to energy recovery and more, The CMM Group has worked with companies of all sizes and focuses to design, manufacture, and implement solutions needed by manufacturers and producers in the paint and coatings industry.

Pollution Control and VOC Abatement in the Paint and Coatings Industry

If there is one constant in the paint and coatings industry, it’s this: Volatile Organic Compounds. It’s a known concern yet a necessary evil in the manufacturing process, as VOCs are a natural byproduct that comes into existence during production. Whether it affects your employees, the community, the consumer, or the environment, it’s important that manufacturers focus on VOC abatement if they hope to maintain their status as a corporate citizen and competitive player.

The CMM Group has worked with paint and coatings manufacturers throughout its entire existence and understands the challenges and concerns that leaders have as they look to reduce emissions without affecting costs or quality. We’ve worked with companies ranging from regional producer to global player, and have designed VOC abatement solutions that comply with or exceed local, state, and federal regulations.

Whether it’s high or low concentration, the expectations of companies in the paint industry are high, and by working with The CMM Group, you can rest assured that you’re getting the experience, expertise, and knowledge needed to control emissions at each of your factories.

You have many options for reducing emissions, but the most common is the Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer. Highly efficient—both in destruction and thermal efficiency—RTOs destroy VOCs and other harmful emissions by using high temperatures that range from 1,500°F (815°C) to 1,800°F (980°C), only producing water, gas, and heat as byproducts. Beyond this, these solutions are reliable and offer predictable, controllable operating costs.

Again, there are many options available for companies in the paint and coatings industry, and sometimes an RTO may not be the most efficient or effective option based on your process stream. The CMM Group can help you decide on the option that best suits your business—whether it’s a thermal recuperative oxidizer, catalytic oxidizer, or rotary concentrator operating in tandem with an RTO

Ovens and Dryers for Paint and Coatings

Maybe you’re not in the business of manufacturing, but you use paint and coatings on your products. It’s a necessary part of the production process—could you imagine a car without paint? When you coat a product, the coverage needs to be even, the coating needs to dry quickly, and one smudge or inconsistency can completely ruin an otherwise perfect product.

At The CMM Group, we know the challenges that manufacturers face, and you could almost say we love watching paint dry. Whether it’s powder coating, paint, or anything of the like, the right oven or dryer can ensure proper drying, effective curing, and do so each and every time.

We’ve designed, manufactured, and implemented ovens and dryers for companies in need of reliable and efficient process heat applications. Custom-designed conveyorized or continuous industrial drying ovens from The CMM Group can be used in a wide range of industries that involve the automated production of small to medium-size product in mass quantities. The CMM Group’s Conveyorized Curing & Baking Ovens incorporate the appropriate conveyor type for the application and include PLC controls for airflow management, temperature and speed controls, ductwork, and more.

Energy Recovery Solutions for Paint and Coatings

For companies in the paint and coatings industry, you need—and use—a lot of heat. With an RTO operating at temperatures up to 1,500 degrees F or an oven operating at up to 1,000 degrees F, why not take the otherwise wasted energy and route it to another application?

Whether this is heating an oven by capturing and reusing heat from a pollution control system or leveraging energy to provide building heat, there are many ways to turn otherwise wasted energy into something more useful. The CMM Group specializes in air-to-air, air-to-liquid, and air-to-waste energy recovery systems and can provide these solutions as a standalone option or as part of a larger implementation project.

Additional Services for the Paint and Coatings Industry

Maybe you need some advice, a repair, or an inspection. We can do that too. The CMM Group provides pre-project consulting, engineering, and project management services as well as aftermarket services. Our aftermarket services team can refurbish, retrofit or rebuild your equipment to enhance its performance. By implementing a consistent annual preventive maintenance program or inspections, you can extend the life of your equipment. Learn more about our services and request a quote by contacting us. Learn more about our services and request a quote by contacting us.