As the pharmaceutical and medical device industry becomes more diverse, demanded, and globalized, manufacturers of these products face a variety of ongoing challenges. From ramping up to support increased demand, handling an increasingly diverse group of products, and delivering absolute perfection in terms of consistency, running your facility is no easy task.

For decades, the CMM Group has been a trusted provider of air pollution control and industrial heating solutions for manufacturers of medical devices, pharmaceuticals, and other health products. Working with companies like yours, we have successfully designed, built, and installed a variety of products ranging from ovens to dryers to oxidizers.

Pollution Control and VOC Abatement for Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices

The impact of pharmaceuticals has been underestimated for many years, but the issue needs to be addressed just as much as the impact of other chemicals, such as pesticides, biocides or industrial chemicals which have a known impact on the environment and human health.

From the manufacturing of products to the treatment and coating of a product like syringes to the packaging and printing of OTC products, air pollution is a reality throughout the value stream.

As an FDA-regulated company, you already deal with an alphabet soup of regulations. We can give you peace of mind when you look at the Clean Air Act.

When you work with The CMM Group, you can rest easy knowing that we have the experience, expertise, and ability to innovate.

  • Experience: The CMM Group has been in the pollution control business for nearly two decades and has experience dating back much further.
  • Expertise: During our time in business, we have perfected the pollution control process for pharmaceutical and medical manufacturers and are able to design solutions that destroy pollutants without affecting the production process.
  • Innovation: By building custom products for our clients, we know what works, what doesn’t, and how to go beyond the basics. Our solutions can reduce ongoing costs, increase reliability, and provide you sustainable pollution control for years or decades to come.

You have many options when it comes to pollution control at your facility. From the incredibly efficient regenerative thermal oxidizer (RTO) to the a thermal recuperative oxidizercatalytic oxidizer, or rotary concentrator operating in tandem with an RTO, the right pollution control product can keep you compliant without hurting manufacturing consistency.

Get to know about how this manufacturer of syringes increased efficiency with a regenerative thermal oxidizer from The CMM Group while meeting the 98% destruction efficiency requirements.

Ovens and Dryers for Medical Manufacturers

In addition to pollution control solutions, The CMM Group has designed custom ovens that can handle the exactness and stringency medical manufacturers need to meet—after all, it’s a matter of life and death.

We understand just how specific your needs are, so our ovens are built to your exact specifications. Manufacturers across the world trust The CMM Group to deliver the consistency, reliability, and flawless performance they need.

  • Medical Devices: Whether it’s sterilization of devices, curing of proprietary polymers that coat your devices, or depyrogenation of glassware, the right industrial heating product is critical. We meet the tight temperature tolerances you have while delivering the increased performance and decreased cost manufacturers have come to expect from The CMM Group.
  • Optical Products: Optical product manufacturers need complete uniformity. When perfection in ramp time, soak time, and temperature is needed, you can trust the CMM Group to deliver. Our ovens provide consistency in curing, reduced cycle times, and exceptional product yields.
  • Pharmaceutical: Whatever your role in the pharmaceutical value chain—R&D, production, or packaging, exactness is critical. Our industrial heating products can achieve and deliver accuracy, uniformity, and consistency. Added to this, our custom solutions are able to be built to meet the filtration requirements while handling flammable solvents.

At The CMM Group, we understand that your entire business relies on our ability to deliver, and we have the manufacturing experience to make that happen.

Energy Recovery Solutions for Medical, Optical, and Pharmaceutical Manufacturers

For companies in the medical, optical, and pharmaceutical industry, you need—and use—a lot of heat. With an RTO operating at temperatures up to 1,500 degrees F or an oven operating at up to 1,000 degrees F, why not take the otherwise wasted energy and route it to another application?

Whether this is heating an oven by capturing and reusing heat from a pollution control system or leveraging energy to provide building heat, there are many ways to turn otherwise wasted energy into something more useful. The CMM Group specializes in air-to-air, air-to-liquid, and air-to-waste energy recovery systems and can provide these solutions as a standalone option or as part of a larger implementation project.

Additional Services for the Pharmaceutical and Medical Industry

Maybe you need some advice, a repair, or an inspection. We can do that too. The CMM Group provides pre-project consulting, engineering, and project management services as well as aftermarket services. Our aftermarket services team can refurbish, retrofit or rebuild your equipment to enhance its performance. By implementing a consistent annual preventive maintenance program or inspections, you can extend the life of your equipment. Learn more about our services and request a quote by contacting us. Learn more about our aftermarket services and preventive maintenance programs and request a quote by contacting us.