The CMM Group offers preventive and necessary maintenance and inspection services, provides spare and replacement parts for pollution control equipment from any OEM, and completes upgrade and retrofit projects that help you increase reliability, efficiency, and lifespan of your air pollution control system.

With annual, semiannual, and quarterly inspection and maintenance plans available to your business, we can help you save money and operate more efficiently. Contact us today by calling (920) 336-9800 or emailing us at

Preventive Maintenance Programs

Your pollution control system is a significant investment, and proper maintenance can help reduce operating costs, extend the useful life of your system, increase efficiency and reliability, and give you peace of mind. Our skilled technicians will work with you to provide the insights you need to complete repairs on your own or will work to complete this maintenance for you.

An effective and detailed maintenance program plays a necessary role in ensuring safety, efficiency, and reliability. The CMM Group has extensive pollution control maintenance experience and offers ongoing inspection and maintenance plans to help meet present and future needs.

Mechanical and Electrical Inspection and Component Testing

Maintenance relies on knowing what can go wrong and taking steps to fix it. Regular inspections of mechanical and electrical components of a pollution control solution allow for proactive maintenance.

The CMM Group can assist you in planning and completing inspection and maintenance of mechanical components, electrical components, and more, providing you necessary insights into potential modifications and repairs, required repairs, and possible improvements that will extend the useful life of your pollution control system, enhance the safety, improve efficiency, and maintain compliance.

Ceramic Media Inspections

In environments in which particulate matter (PM) is present in your emissions, regenerative thermal oxidizers equipped with ceramic heat exchanger media may become clogged or damaged, resulting in pressure drops and less effectiveness in your pollution control system. Annual ceramic media inspections are a necessary part of operations to prevent pressure drops or damage to your RTO.

Catalyst Inspection, Cleaning, and Rejuvenation

Catalyst masking or poisoning occurs in certain environments and can result in a catalytic oxidizer failing to provide the benefits promised. Regular catalyst inspections are necessary to the ongoing reliability of your catalytic oxidizer. We offer testing, cleaning, and rejuvenation services to ensure that your catalytic oxidizer remains operational and compliant.

Thermal Inspections

Oxidizer hot spots happen when overheating occurs and the internal insulation is damaged. If not properly treated, this could result in further damage to the shell and an untimely shutdown. Regular thermal inspections of the surface temperature can alert you to hot spots and give you time to make repairs before serious damage occurs.

Process Control Analysis

Process Control Analyses are an effective way to recognize potential issues in startup, pressure control, safety, and more. Often, a process control analysis will help you to recognize trouble areas before they become problems.

During a Process Control Analysis from The CMM Group, we look at the following processes and more:

  • System startup cycle time
  • Online conditions
  • Alarms and safety shutdowns
  • Pressure control loops
  • Valve cycling
  • Airflow measurement and verification
  • Burner testing


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