The CMM Group is committed to supporting its customers from pre-project planning through their equipment’s post-installation lifetime. By incorporating a solid and consistent preventive maintenance program to help extend the life of your equipment and by taking proactive steps to upgrade before you risk a catastrophic failure, you can achieve many benefits.

With ever-changing process requirements, software and technology advances, facility expansions and along with that, production level changes, your aging equipment may experience reduced efficiency, increased energy usage, reduced destruction efficiency in the case of air pollution control equipment, and reduced performance levels with your process equipment. With components becoming obsolete or hard to find, or outdated because of new software or technology, you may be at risk for extended lost production time, waiting for difficult to find components.

The CMM Group’s experienced technicians and engineers can inspect and recommend a customized solution that matches or improves your equipment’s productivity or performance expectations.

The CMM Group can upgrade or retrofit your equipment that will help to improve equipment performance, reduce energy costs, improve equipment efficiency, help to stay in compliance, increase productivity, or reduce the risk of equipment downtime.

PLC/HMI Replacement

placeholderThe importance of keeping your Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) updated has never been greater. The risk of incurring lost production time becomes higher with older PLC systems. With parts becoming obsolete, and with lost time looking for replacement parts just to get you by, equipment downtime is inevitable.

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VFD Upgrade

placeholderThe CMM Group can help when your current Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) is obsolete or failing, and thereby avoid unplanned interruptions to production with an updated variable frequency drive. By investing in a new or replacement VFD, customers can realize energy savings through reduced electrical consumption and improved reliability.

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RTO Insulation Repair/Replace

placeholderInsulation repair in your RTO can help avoid catastrophic failure. As oxidizers age, the ceramic fiber insulation exhibits shrinkage. This creates gaps between the modules and can create hot spots. The movement of the shelf can also weaken the fastening points and cause batten strips or entire modules to fail. Taking proactive steps can prevent significant damage before it happens.

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RTO Media Cleaning

placeholderKeeping your Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer (RTO) clean of unwanted residue can improve efficiency — crucial in meeting EPA regulations and manufacturing objectives. Built-up residue can decrease airflow and lead to higher fuel requirements. In addition, valve seals and other intricate components can become damaged by excessive layers of unwanted particulates. Therefore, maintenance of the equipment must be done on a regular basis.

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