Paint VOC Abatement GuideVolatile Organic Compounds are a major talking point for a variety of reasons, but primarily for the risks they pose for the health of people exposed to the chemicals and the environment at large. From indoor VOCs—responsible for negative health effects on your employees (and in the case of some architectural paint, your customers) to outdoor VOCs, these compounds pose health, environmental, and economic risks when they escape your facility.

The paint industry has long been known for its impact on the environment. Solvents and resins naturally release VOCs during manufacturing, application, and degassing, whether the paint is being used to coat an automobile, mark a road, or cover a wall. But let’s take a step back to look at the basics of VOCs and HAPs—what they are, what impacts they have on health and the environment, and why it’s so important that paint manufacturers continue to lead the way in VOC abatement.

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