Project Description

Thrto installation, The CMM Groupe CMM Group recently completed the design, manufacture, and turnkey installation of a Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer (RTO) for a Fortune 500 metal coater in the Northeastern United States to satisfy an EPA requirement to upgrade the existing industrial air treatment filter to eliminate visible emissions and odor issues that were present at the facility.

Our proposal to install a tailor-made CMM RTO contained a comprehensive installation scope including site preparations, a concrete pad, mechanical and electrical installation, complete ductwork installation, process dampers and a 50-foot-tall free-standing exhaust stack.

Following the RTO installation, which was completed in a weekend, our technicians commissioned the unit and trained the customer’s staff on the operation and maintenance of the equipment. Additionally, this package included a 2-year service plan involving multiple inspections and preventive maintenance visits by our service team, in addition to remote monitoring that allows us to monitor data collected by the PLC to troubleshoot and correct issues remotely with 24/7 availability to assist our customers in minimizing downtime.

Having received bids from multiple RTO manufacturers, this customer was impressed by the completeness of the CMM turnkey installation package combined with our flexibility to modify the equipment design to accommodate footprint constraints. Working with this customer, we were able to provide equipment that meets their needs in an efficient and reliable manner.

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