For many manufacturers, the industrial oven or dryer is a trusty piece of equipment that gets the job done day in and day out, applying consistent heat to materials. Truly the workhorse of an organization, a properly maintained oven can last for decades at a manufacturing organization. However, there are numerous occurrences in which your oven may not be as trusty as it once was. Additionally, whether it’s through growth or divestment, your current oven may no longer suit your organization’s needs.

Whether it’s due to age, growth, or a change in the product line, it pays to understand your next steps in oven and dryer buying before you need to take them. To help you through this process, we are proud to announce our latest guide detailing the five steps to selecting an industrial oven or dryer.

Five Steps to Selecting an Industrial Oven or Dryer

Manufacturers today use a variety of ovens, dryers, and other pieces of equipment to get the job done, ranging from simple, low-heat, industrial ovens with few modifications to highly customized machinery built on very specific industrial needs. We understand what goes into the selection, manufacturing, and installation process, and have built this guide to coach you through a challenging time.

Our guide, Steps to Selecting an Industrial Oven or Dryer, introduces manufacturers to the basic process that companies like yours go through when working with a custom oven and dryer manufacturer like The CMM Group—from knowing it’s time all the way to operating the equipment.

In this detailed whitepaper, we discuss the following steps and related best practices as you begin to speak with your oven and dryer provider, including:

  1. Knowing It’s Time: Just as ovens have evolved over millennia, they’ve likely evolved since the last time you’ve purchased one for your company. This isn’t to say that just because your industrial oven or dryer is old, it’s outdated, but there are some very recognizable signs that it has reached the end of its useful life and is due for a replacement. This section helps you understand the multiple scenarios in which an oven may no longer be the right fit for you and some of the new technologies that have come into play since you last installed an oven.
  2. Documenting Your Needs: After noticing that your oven or dryer is no longer the best solution for the job, it’s time to start documenting your needs. As you begin to make calls, send RFPs, and narrow down your list of vendors, it pays to know the market, the availability of products, and your specifications so that each industrial oven manufacturer can provide an accurate quote. This section introduces you to the available solutions and use cases of ovens.
  3. What to Expect during Your Consultation: Whether you’ve done this before or are making your first oven purchase, communication is a critical part of this relationship. From the initial call to the site visit and the final meetings, having an open line of communication can prevent unexpected costs and challenges.
  4. The Oven and Dryer Installation Process: After you decide on a custom industrial oven or dryer manufacturer to design, build, and install your custom oven, the planning and implementation process begins. Just as your oven is customized, the level of hands-on work done by your custom manufacturer has multiple levels as well.
  5. Safely and Successfully Operating Your New Oven: During the training and implementation process, your oven manufacturer will explain operating practices, inspection and maintenance procedures, and test the oven to ensure everything is running smoothly before leaving you to run your business. This section explores the work you will need to do to keep your oven in tip top shape for years to come.

Preview and Download Five Steps to Selecting and Installing an Industrial Oven or Dryer

At the CMM Group, we have been in the business of designing, manufacturing, and installing industrial ovens and dryers for manufacturers in the United States and around the world since our inception nearly two decades ago. We hope that you find this guide informative and useful, and we invite you to download the entire Five Steps to Selecting an Industrial Oven or Dryer for Your Manufacturing Facility guide here or preview it via SlideShare below:

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