Food manufacturing is an art and a science. Everyone needs to eat, and you ensure it happens. However, food manufacturers are as unique as the products they provide, and with these unique needs come challenges specific to each facility. At The CMM Group, we work with firms like yours every day to design, manufacture, and install a wide range of machinery for firms like yours, including but not limited to the following:

Pollution and Odor Control

For food manufacturers, pollution control is a challenging concept. While many people may think that the smell of freshly baked bread is one of the most delightful experiences in life, a food manufacturer has to see it for what it is—pollution that could run afoul of EPA regulations.

Added to this, many manufacturing processes aren’t thought of as highly by those in the local community as those manufacturing baked goods—even if the end result is considered delicious by consumers.

Meats, cheeses, and other manufactured products like hot sauces rarely get the same love from the community due to the odor the manufacturing process emits. With the first-ever pollution control lawsuit taking place in Classical Rome over the smell from smoking cheese and recent complaints about a popular hot sauce’s emissions on the eyes and sinuses of the local community, it’s imperative to take control over both pollution and odor.

To address this, you need a solution that can minimize odor and mitigate pollution without harming the quality of the product. We can help you to select the right products for your operation, choose the right location to avoid damage to product, and ultimately ensure you don’t run afoul of the EPA or the community.

In fact, we recently worked with two clients to do just that, helping one to control 30+ pounds of ethanol per hour and another to control emissions from three new ovens operating 110 to 140 hours per five day week, destroying up to 50 pounds of ethanol per hour.

Custom Ovens

When it comes to your business, you want things as standardized as possible. However, as a unique business, your processes differ from even your most similar competitor. Too often, however, manufacturers make the decision to opt for standardized machinery and ovens, limiting their scope and holding back product quality.

Luckily, more and more manufacturers are realizing that custom process heating solutions can deliver for their needs, and ovens are among the first things they choose to customize—with good reason. While the consultation process does differ and products often cost a bit more, there are a wide range of benefits to go custom:

  • Higher Quality Products: Using standard machines means your products probably require additional assembling, while custom equipment will produce exactly what you need every time.
  • Remove Machines, Reduce Steps: One of the biggest challenges of rethinking your line to work with your machinery is that the line doesn’t work for you, you work for it. This may mean increased number of steps with fewer benefits. A reliable custom equipment manufacturer can build a specialized machine that produces the same part in one step. This may eliminate extra steps as well as the need for other pieces of equipment.
  • Lower Operating Costs: Besides giving back time to your employees, the implementation of custom equipment can eliminate the need for additional machinery. This may result in lower operating cost and help balance the initial investment required to build the custom machine.

Get to know more about the steps to choosing a custom machinery company and best practices to select one that delivers reliably here.

Download our free guide to selecting and implementing an oven here.

Food Grade Machinery

In the path from raw material to finished product to packaging, everything needs to come together at the right time, measurement, speed, and heat—all while remaining safe. Equipment needs to be easily cleaned, easy to use, and ultimately do what it’s supposed to: Provide food-safe transport of materials.

At The CMM Group, we have worked with manufacturers just like you to create custom solutions that meet the descriptions, processes, and needs of a wide range of food manufacturers. By combining our extensive field knowledge and experience with our engineering and product development skills, The CMM Group can provide custom Production Machinery ranging from bulk materials handling to conveyors—whatever you need, we can (and likely have) done it for a company like you.

Get to know more about the food equipment manufacturer evaluation process in our blog.

Infrared Cheese Melters and Unique Heating Applications

We couldn’t go through a blog on our work for food manufacturers without mentioning the importance of a cheese melter for certain frozen foods manufacturers. One of our most successful markets, our cheese melters can be customized for a variety of needs to keep products looking attractive as they move through your production process.

To ensure each product can handle the jostling that comes during the supply chain, frozen pizza manufacturers rely on infrared cheese melters. These melters are designed to keep toppings and cheese in place during shipping, stocking, and transportation, ensuring that customers are satisfied with the final product.

The CMM Guide to Industrial Cheese Melters

If you are looking to learn more about the path to purchase for this important piece of equipment, we are pleased to announce a new guide on the benefits, use cases, and path to purchase for cheese melters. Preview this guide below and click here to download the entire guide to selecting, installing, and using a cheese melter.

Ready to Learn More? Let The CMM Group Help You!

We’ve worked with Food Manufacturers since our inception, and know exactly what it takes to deliver products that move, heat, and ultimately work for your food manufacturing facility. Whether you need to move bulk materials, enhance product quality and appearance, bake products, or destroy pollutants, we can help. Get to know more about the work we do and contact us for more information.

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