Whether it’s pollution control or product quality, ovens or oxidizers, companies in the food manufacturing industry face unique challenges balancing compliance, quality and safety. While a temperature deviation could derail an entire shipment, an air quality issue could harm your consumers or employees, or a regulatory slip-up could shut you down, there is no room for error anywhere in the process.

The CMM Group is a trusted leader in process heating solutions for companies in the food manufacturing industry and understands the challenges that companies like yours face in balancing quality control, safety, and regulatory compliance. Since 2001, we have designed custom, turnkey solutions for companies in food manufacturing including pollution control systems, ovens and specialized equipment, and energy recovery solutions.

Pollution Control Solutions for the Food Manufacturing Industry

From particulate matter to volatile organic compounds, controlling emissions present in the exhaust streams is just as important as the manufacturing process itself. Designing, building, and installing pollution control systems for the food industry is a specialty of The CMM Group, whose satisfied client base includes local, regional and global players.

From bakeries and tortilla companies to grain and oilseed milling to coffee roasting and more, each process and process exhaust stream is unique. Pollutants need to be documented and destroyed without affecting the product.

When you work with The CMM Group, you can rest easy knowing that we have the experience, expertise, and ability to innovate.

  • Experience: The CMM Group has been in the pollution control business for nearly two decades and has experience dating back much further.
  • Expertise: During our time in business, we have perfected the pollution control process for food manufacturers and are able to design solutions that destroy pollutants without affecting the production process.
  • Innovation: By building custom products for our clients, we know what works, what doesn’t, and how to go beyond the basics. Our solutions can reduce ongoing costs, increase reliability, and provide you sustainable pollution control for years or decades to come.

Often, the most popular solution for companies in the food manufacturing industry is the catalytic oxidizer, able to handle pollution in exhaust streams without the use of high, potentially disruptive temperatures. However, there are many options available and we can customize a solution that works with your facility.

Learn more about our work in the food manufacturing industry by reading our case studies and articles.

Ovens and Custom Processing Equipment

Pollution control is just one of our specialties. We also have deep knowledge and understanding of ovens and custom heat applications for the food manufacturing industry. Whether it’s conveyorized or batch, we have extensive field knowledge and experience designing and engineering ovens, manufacturing equipment, and specialty products for food manufacturers. Whether you need an exact duplicate or are adding a new line with new needs, we have the knowledge and skills to get the job done.

The CMM Group has completed projects for global, national, regional, and local manufacturers and can provide solutions for multiple points of the food manufacturing process. From conveyors to ovens to specialty equipment such as Infrared Cheese Melters, we get to know your business, your processes, and your needs so that we can provide the most efficient, reliable solution possible.

Energy Recovery

With so much heat being generated throughout the food manufacturing process, the most efficient producers are able to put some of that heat back into other processes. Energy recovery is the process of utilizing the 100°C (212°F) to 815°C (1,500°F) of heat energy (depending on the heat emitting technology in use) that would normally be exhausted directly into the atmosphere through an industrial ventilation unit.

Whether this is heating an oven by capturing and reusing heat from a pollution control system or leveraging energy to provide building heat, there are many ways to turn otherwise wasted energy into something more useful. The CMM Group specializes in air-to-air, air-to-liquid, and air-to-waste energy recovery systems and can provide these solutions as a standalone option or as part of a larger implementation project.

Additional Services for Food Manufacturers

In addition to the pollution control, ovens, process equipment, and energy recovery solutions, The CMM Group provides pre-project consulting, engineering, and project management services as well as aftermarket services. Our aftermarket services team can refurbish, retrofit or rebuild your equipment to enhance its performance. By implementing a consistent annual preventive maintenance program or inspections, you can extend the life of your equipment. Learn more about our services and request a quote by contacting us.