Though discovered by accident in 1932, fiberglass has become one of the most important materials in the world. With high tensile strength and stability, low weight, and resistance to heat, chemicals, and fire, this incredibly versatile material delivers a wide range of benefits.

For decades, The CMM Group has been trusted provider of air pollution control and industrial heating solutions for manufacturers of fiberglass products. Whether you’re building RV walls, storage tanks, piping, or houses, you’re delivering an incredibly resilient product for your customers.

Working with companies like yours, we have successfully designed, built, and installed a variety of products that destroy pollutants and cure resins while providing services that allow your facility to operate more efficiently.

Pollution Control Solutions for Fiberglass Manufacturing

Though your products are lightweight and resistant to chemicals, you already know that fiberglass gets a bad rap. The manufacturing process generates a lot of styrene, OSHA has set legal limits for exposure, and the resin curing process generates VOCs. Knowing this, it’s important that you have a plan in place to prevent exposure for workers and the community surrounding you.

Regulatory compliance and VOC abatement are still top priorities for these companies, and many organizations in the fiberglass products industry have turned to The CMM Group to deliver pollution control products and services.

Whether it’s the commonly selected Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer or other options such as Thermal RecuperativeCatalytic, or Rotary Concentrator, we have the experience and knowledge to help you select and install the best product for the job.

Success Story: The CMM Group Destroys Styrene Emissions for Expanding RV Company

Just one example of our success came recently, when we helped this manufacturer of fiberglass recreational vehicle sidewalls to destroy pollutants including styrene after they added a second manufacturing line.

Designed to destroy 98% of the nearly 200 pounds of VOCs generated per hour during the company’s 24 hour per day, 7 days per week production schedule, the CMM RTO was installed to reduce the overall concentration of styrene to less than 50 ppm in the manned resin application booth with a design goal of less than 25 ppm.

Heat Treating and Curing: Ovens and Dryers for Fiberglass Manufacturing

In addition to pollution control, we specialize in the manufacture and installation of ovens and dryers to deliver reliable temperature control and airflow during the curing process. Custom designed ovens and dryers from The CMM Group are available in various models with a wide range of proven air-supply nozzle configurations to meet individual requirements.

All designs are available in single or multi-zones with a variety of product support and/or carrier options depending upon the specific application. Learn more about ovens and dryers from The CMM Group here.

Energy Recovery: Reuse the Heat Generated from Pollution Control

One reality for fiberglass manufacturers is this: You need a lot of heat in your manufacturing process. Consequently, you generate a lot of heat in pollution control. Why not take the excess heat used to destroy pollutants and apply it to your ovens, dryers, or facility? Energy Recovery Systems from The CMM Group can be incorporated into new air pollution control systems (APCS) (or other high temperature emitting devices, or be retrofit or added to an existing process.

Energy recovery systems utilize the 100°C (212°F) to 815°C (1,500°F) of heat energy (depending on the heat emitting technology in use) that would normally be exhausted directly into the atmosphere through an industrial ventilation unit.

Energy recovery has saved companies like yours a lot of money. In fact, many of the fiberglass manufacturers in our case studies section did just that:

More Services, Less Problems: Cure Your Fiberglass Manufacturing Woes with Help from The CMM Group

Maybe you need some advice, a repair, or an inspection. We can do that too. The CMM Group provides pre-project consulting, engineering, and project management services as well as aftermarket services. Our aftermarket services team can refurbish, retrofit or rebuild your equipment to enhance its performance. By implementing a consistent annual preventive maintenance program or inspections, you can extend the life of your equipment. Learn more about our services and request a quote by contacting us. Learn more about our aftermarket services, preventive maintenance programs and request a quote by contacting us.